I try to change my Doctor’s appointment.
“Doctor Cameron is away next week”
” Yes I do understand that. Is it possible to see him on Friday this week?”
” Unfortunately no! ”
” I see. Is it then possible to have an  earlier booking the week beginning the third ?”
” Mr. Jones, your booking is for Thursday the sixth “. This information is delivered in ever increasing chilly accents.
” So kind of you to point that out but I’m hoping to move the booking forward. If that were to happen it would allow me to attend a very important work Convention.”
” Mr. Jones!” … I interject with what I hoped to be a disarming smile,  ” Please, call me Tony “.
Ignoring my plea the receptionist continues,
” Mr. Jones, I’m not without sympathy for your predicament. But I do feel you must place your health first.”
” Thank you Linda you’ve been most helpful. So my understanding is that your unable to help me?”
” Mr. Jones, I always endeavor to be most helpful.”