Beau is almost 7 years old. Not a venerable age for a small dog but perhaps a respectable one.
And in those years he has learned many things ; footpaths are for the exclusive use of small canines ,especially those of the French persuasion,
Sofas are for sitting on and hiding bones in.
Beds are for sleeping in, pillows are both for resting your head on and also for lying bodily on.
Humans are more predictable – or perhaps, just plain gullible – than fellow canines.
Although it would be quite impossible not to have a human in your life and for those dogs without one, well, that’s just confusingly remiss of them.
But this morning he learned a new truth; that not all small round objects are balls – especially when they fall from shopping baskets and bounce enticingly along the footpath – no, they are most likely to be lemons!
Just proving that older dogs can still learn new things.