I awoke to find the room filled with a strange luminosity.
Through the shutters an unearthly glow so bright I could almost read by it.
A full moon as large as a fifty cent coin sits low in an indigo sky.
A sense of disquiet, a vague feeling of being bereft but why?
Then I remember I’m sans my hound.
He is enjoying a brief sojourn at the beach with my dad.
I never loose sight of Beau being a canine. I don’t see him as surrogate child or myself as a parent.
With genuine perplexity the unenlightened will ask, “How can you invest all that emotion in a pooch. He just a dog?”
“It is because of that very reason, he is a dog!
A gloriously funny, loyal, intelligent, sometimes willful, at times stubborn but always loving entity.
In short a wonderful companion.
An amazing reality for me is, I have derived more comfort and succor in times of high stress from this small canine than I have from a loving and supportive family, wonderful friends or indeed any partner … So, go get yourself a little dog or a big one for that matter!
It’s the path to salvation.

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