Eating out in the Peninsula is fraught with the possibility of committing a social faux-pas for the uninitiated fashionista. The rules and rituals are as complex as any of those found in Louis XIV’s Versailles…. all of which were  understood and not found in a rule book for convenient perusal.

Fashionistas are an exotic mix of ages and personal style, but share a defining interest … a passion to be seen in the right place at the right time.

Novelty attracts this colourful crowd to a café, bar or restaurant and the desire to be it’s first patrons. Its a bonus if the food is good. But when you spend a months salary on a pair of Jimmy Choo’s its more like you will eat at home… usually baked beans on toast, and just make an appearance. A ploy often used by impoverished Fasionistas is the promise to “Meet you there”. When they don’t show, no one is upset. Its was understood, “Your broke and its two weeks to payday”.

The Fashionista is completely savvy regarding where to be seen and not be seen. For example, it may be the first degree of coolness to take breakfast at a certain establishment only to be considered de trop if caught lunching there. Dinner can be enjoyed almost anywhere without fear of censure providing its mid-week. The initiated never dine out on weekend evenings. Why?

Too many tourists (people from other suburbs ) and non-fasionistas ( people who don’t share their more refined sensibilities )

The weekend is for bar hopping and its the most difficult of all to get right.

There are bars where you drink martinis exclusively. Others you visit only on Saturday afternoons and one so secret, very few know of it’s existence.

Confusing ?.. Yes.

Amusing?.. Perhaps.

Important?.. No…. well, at least not for the liberated. But for the burgeoning fashionista who wants to get it right, take heart with this piece of advice.

Should you find yourself in the unenviable position of being in the right place at the wrong time and you lock eyes with another wannabe fashionista, it’s quite alright to ignore each other.

The sole reason being, neither one of you is really there!



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